Counseling Center

The Hoquiam High School Counseling Center offers a safe environment and life-long learning skills to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Jennifer Winkelman             Jill Smith
Guidance Counselor                    Guidance Counselor 
(360) 538-8318                            (360) 538-8317
students w/ last names A-K         students w/ last names L-Z
Loretta Marlow                    Counseling Fax:
Registrar                                      (360) 538-8212
(360) 538-8214

Where will you go?

Career Center

The Hoquiam High School Career Center connects students and families to Career and College options. We believe that every student has a great future and we desire to promote success by providing necessary information and connections to achieve their goals; turning their dreams into a reality.

Shelly Robinette
Career Specialist
(360) 538- 8453
Receive HHS Career Center scholarship and college information through our Parent and Student connections
Send the following text to: 81010
Seniors: @hhscc17
Juniors: @hhscc18
Sophomores: @hhscc19
Freshmen: @hhscc20
"Our mission at Hoquiam High School is to provide a safe environment and the life-long learning skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world."

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